Safari Animal Wall Stickers
Safari Animal Wall Stickers
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Safari Animal Wall Stickers


Our safari animals wall sticker pack includes a giraffe, two lions, elephant, tiger, branch with lizard and a monkey. They are all bright and colourful with friendly faces, making them perfect for any nursery, playroom or children’s bedroom.

Our jungle wall stickers are printed on a revolutionary material that is made of woven polyester fabric. The jungle animals fabric wall stickers will have a very slight fabric texture, much like canvas. These jungle wall stickers are removable, repositionable and re-useable. They will not leave any sticky residue on your walls and can be applied to a range of smooth, dry surfaces.

Fitting these jungle wall stickers is simply a case of peel and stick. Transform any room in minutes.


Small pack: The sheet size is 40cm x 75cm. The giraffe is 16cn x 33cm, the tiger is 20cm x 16cm, the monkey is 12cm x 18cm, the lion is 18cm x 17cm and the elephant is 21cm x 19cm.

Medium pack: The sheet size is 76cm x 75cm. The giraffe is 24cm x 49cm, the tiger is 30cm x 24cm, the monkey is 17cm x 26cm, the lion is 24cm x 25cm and the elephant is 31cm x 28cm.

Large pack: The sheet size is 186cm x 75cm. The giraffe is 38cm x 80cm, the tiger is 48cm x 40cm, the monkey is 28cm x 43cm, the lion is 39cm x 40cm and the elephant is 51cm x 46cm.

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