Personalised Mooney Box
Personalised Mooney Box
Personalised If I Had A Pound Money Box

Personalised If I Had A Pound Money Box


Everyone knows the saying "if I had a pound for everytime...", personalise this money box with a phrase that is used in your house.

This wooden money box is laser-engraved "If I had a pound for everytime" or "If we had a pound for everytime" followed by your personalised phrase and then either "I'd be a millionaire!" or "We'd be millionaires!" and would make a great unique gift.

This personalised money box can be given empty or with some money in it to kick off the fund, making a great gift. All UK and Euro coins fit inside the money box.

The money box features a sliding opening on the bottom so that you can access all the money that you have saved up.

The money box is made from 100% bare, unfinished solid wood. As this is a natural, bare wood product, slight differences may occur in the grain of the wood, adding to the character of this unique product.


Personalise the wooden money box with any text. Please provide the required text in the box called “Personalisation”, entering it exactly as you would like it to appear on the product e.g. “my dog made me smile”.


The money box measures 15cm x 11cm x 8cm.