Birds On Wire Wall Sticker
Birds On Wire Wall Sticker
Birds On Wire Wall Art
Birds On Wire Wall Decal
Birds On Wire Wall Art Sticker
Birs On Wire Wall Transfer
Birds On A Wire Wall Sticker

Birds On A Wire Wall Sticker


This bird wall sticker features 13 birds perched on two wires, ideal for brightening up your home.

The bird wall sticker is ideal for use in any lounge, bedroom or dining room.

This bird wall sticker is available in many colours and a range of different sizes, enabling it to perfectly match your existing decor.

The wall sticker is made from high quality, matt removable vinyl, allowing it to stick to any smooth, non-porous surface including painted walls, glass, tiles and furniture. Pre-applied application tape makes it easy to transfer this wall sticker to your surface in one go.

The wall sticker is supplied with comprehensive instructions and an application squeegee. If you would like to remove your wall sticker, heat it gently with a hair dryer to soften the vinyl and peel back slowly.

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