Fitting Instructions

All of Mirrorin Wall Stickers have a comprehensive fitting instruction sheet sent with them, however before ordering you may like to know just how easy it is to fit our wall art. Therefore below, you can find two videos and written instructions featuring handy hints and tips to fitting your chosen wall decals perfectly.

Remember to clean the area of the wall where you intend on having your wall stickers and make sure they are free of grease and dirt to ensure they apply correctly first time around. Oh and don't forget if you've got freshly painted walls to allow them to harden fully over a few weeks first before putting any of our wall art on them!

How To Apply Wall Stickers and Wall Decals:

1. Carefully position the wall sticker and then using masking tape, hold it in place.

2. Peel the backing paper away from the wall sticker. The wall sticker will stay attached to the application tape.

3. Starting at the top, carefully lower the wall art onto the wall. Rub your hand across the decal as you do this to remove any air bubbles. When the entire sticker is on the wall, rub over the top of the application tape with a credit card or plastic squeegee.

4. Starting at the top corner, slowly peel the application tape back across the surface to remove it.


How To Apply Fabric Wall Stickers (Multi colour decals):

1. Most of our fabric wall sticker packs contain many pieces. You can apply them to the wall in any order you wish but we recommend applying the largest pieces first.

2. Simply peel each piece from the sheet and place it on the wall in your desired position. Rub gently to secure it. That really is all there is to it!