Childrens Mirrors

Bring you walls to life with amazing childrens mirrors

Presenting our fantastic range of childrens mirrors. All of the mirrors we stock are made from 3mm thick high quality acrylic. They are all shatterproof and the funky mirror designs will bring life to any kids bedroom. Our range of childrens mirrors includes everything from dinosaurs to learning shapes.


Each of our mirrors is supplied with an instruction sheet and a set of super-strong adhesive pads. You don't need to drill any holes and the childrens mirrors can be fitted in just a few minutes. With no sharp edges and a shatter proof design, these mirrors will put a smile of any kids face.

our childrens mirrors collection

Great places to install these childrens mirrors include kid's bedrooms or play rooms. They are also well suited for schools and nurseries. The 100% shatter proof design means that these childrens mirrors are safe to be installed anywhere you like.